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Jesus greatly loves the children of the world and we do too! Our Neon Kids (ages 4-12) program overseen by Children's Leader Celeste Hutson focuses on teaching our children to 'Shine Bright!' right were they are by obeying their parents, loving their neighbor and following the example set for us all by Jesus.

Neon Kids meet during our regular weekly Saturday 6:30pm services.

We also offer a Kids class during Fusion, our weekly adult bible study, Wednesdays 6:30pm.


Our culture is greatly influenced by the arts - music, dance, illustration, movies - and we see it as a focal philosophical pillar of Exalt Church to train Christian children in these areas. By extension, Circle is our fully functioning (ages 3-18) fine arts academy. Our expert staff encourages, trains and challenges students to use their God-given abilities to better themselves through intensive training. But excellence is only the beginning, ultimately students are taught to glorify God in all aspects of their art. Whether a child feels called into a sacred or a secular career path, we endeavor to lay a firm foundation that sets them up for success in life.

Visit the official Circle Christian Arts Academy website for more details.

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